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Recent Publications

As this site may not be up to date, you can access our most recent publications via one of these two platforms.

Selected Journal Publications

  • S.I. Imbriglio, R.R. Chromik, "Factors affecting adhesion in metal/ceramic interfaces created by cold spray," Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 30, 1703-23 (2021).

  • V.N.V. Munagala, R. Chakrabarty, J. Song, R.R. Chromik, “Effect of metal powder properties on the deposition characteristics of cold-sprayed Ti6Al4V-TiC coatings: An experimental and finite element study,” Surfaces and Interfaces 25, 101208 (2021).

  • S.M. Gateman, S.A. Alidokht, E. Mena-Morcillo, R. Schulz, R.R. Chromik, A.-M. Kietzig, I.P. Parkin, J. Mauzeroll, “Wear resistant solid lubricating coatings via compression molding and thermal spraying technologies,” Surface and Coatings Technology 426, 127790 (2021).

  • B.C.N.M. de Castilho, S.A. Alidokht, N. Sharifi, K. Harrington, P. Stoyanov, C. Moreau, R.R. Chromik, “Short-time exposure oxidation studies on multi-component coatings and their influence on tribological behavior,” Wear 477, 203892 (2021).

  • A.R.C. Nascimento, R.R. Chromik, R. Schulz, “Mechanical properties and wear resistance of industrial bearing liners in concentrated boundary-lubricated sliding,” Wear 477, 203806 (2021).

  • P. Behera, R.R. Chromik, S. Yue, “Effect of Al and Cd sacrificial coatings on the wear of steel substrates,” Wear 477, 203847 (2021).

  • M.V. Koricherla, T.B. Torgerson, S.A. Alidokht, V.N.V Munagala, R.R. Chromik, T.W. Scharf, “High temperature sliding wear behavior and mechanisms of cold-sprayed Ti and Ti-TiC composite coatings,” Wear 203746 (2021).




















  • P. Manimunda, A. Al-Azizi, S.H. Kim, R.R. Chromik, “Shear-induced structural changes and origin of ultralow friction of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon (DLC) in dry environment,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 16704-14 (2017). 



  • J.M. Shockley, C. Desrayaud, R.R. Chromik, S. Descartes, “Significance of Al2O3 particle morphology in the microstructure evolution of cold-sprayed Al-Al2O3 during unconstrained high-pressure torsion,” Materials Science and Engineering A 684, 510-16 (2017).


  • P. Stoyanov, J.M. Shockley, M. Dienwiebel, R.R. Chromik, “Combining in situ and online approaches to monitor interfacial processes in lubricated sliding contacts,” MRS Communications 6, 301-8 (2016).


  • D. Goldbaum, P. Manimunda, G. Kamath, S. Descartes, J. Klemberg-Sapieha, R.R. Chromik, “Tribological behavior of TiN and Ti (Si,C)N coatings on cold sprayed Ti substrates,” Surface and Coatings Technology 291, 261-75 (2016).


  • Y. Zhang, J.M. Shockley, P. Vo, R.R. Chromik, “Tribological behavior of a cold-sprayed Cu-MoS2 composite coating during dry sliding wear,” Tribology Letters 62:9 (2016).






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