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Micro Combi Tester.png

Anton Paar Micro Combi Tester (MCT3)- STeP4 Surface Testing Platform with heating/cooling 

  • Instrumented micro-indentation and scratch testing

  • Load range (Fn): 0.1mN – 30 N

  • Attached optical microscope

  • Used for splat adhesion testing

  • Temperature range available: -150 to 450 C  

Anton Paar TRB³

Pin-on-disk tribometer with heating/cooling module 

  • Different kinematics (reciprocating, unidirectional)

  • Normal load range: up to 60 N

  • Friction force range: up to 10 N

  • Linear speed range: up to 100 mm/s

  • Rotational speed range: up to 500 rpm

  • Temperature range: -150 to 450 C

Sans titre.png

Ubi Nanomechanical Testing Instrument 

  • Smaller format platform

  • Top down optics (x20 mag.)

  • Loading up to 20 mN

  • AFM-type scanning capability

Triboindenter Nanomechanical Testing Instrument

  • Larger platform with top down optics (x100 mag.)

  • Loading up to 20 mN AFM-type scanning capability

  • Performech controller provides enhanced feedback control & lower noise floor

  • Heating stage to 400°C


Zygo - 3D profilometer 

  • Three objectives (2.75x, 10x, 50x)

  • Three field of views (0.5x, 1x, 2x)

  • Motorized stage

  • Image stitching

  • Automated profiling

  • Advance analysis tools

Hysitron PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter 

  • Advanced sample positioning

  • Upgradability to full suite of testing techniques

  • Nanoindentation, compression, tension, or bending test modes

Teer Coatings.png

Teer Coatings Ltd 

Magnetron sputter ion plating


  • Four magnetron systems for deposition of wide range of coatings

  • Double walled water cooled, vertical axis, stainless steel chamber

  • Capacitance manometer

Renishaw Raman spectroscopy  

  • Two lasers (514 nm and 785 nm)

  • Line scans- Area mapping

  • Volume scan

  • Time series

  • Advance analysis tools

Renishaw Raman spectroscopy.png
In situ tribometer.png
In situ Tribometer 2.png

In Situ Tribometer

  • Basic system capabilities

    • Normal loads up to 20 N

    • Linear reciprocating motion

    • Sliding velocities up to 10 mm/s

    • Friction coefficients (average per cycle and spatially resolved along wear track)

  • In situ capabilities

    • Video record with HD camera

    • Raman spectroscopy

    • Off-line video analysis software

McGill Aerospace Materials and Alloy Design Center

Cold spray facility at NRC-Boucherville

  • CGT

  • Inovati

  • Centerline

  • Plasma Giken

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